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Vasthu Puja (வாஸ்து பூஜை)


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The Vastu Homam is performed, usually before shifting into a new home or office. This is a ritual dedicated to the direction gods. They are namely, Indra (east), Agni (south-east), Yama (south), Pitru (south-west), Varuna (west), Vayu (north-west), Kuber (North) and Brahma (center). Each god is a symbol of some elements such as fire, thunder, peace, prosperity, etc.

Lakshmi Kubera Homam

Lakshmi and Kubera both are wealth gods who help to live a wealthy life by reducing financial problems. It is believed that performing Lakshmi Kubera homam will lead to major benefits. This homam is considered as a powerful one as it helps to acquire more wealth to live an affluent life. Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu. She along with Lord Kubera distributes money to devotees when they offer prayers to her.

Lakshmi Kubera homam play a key role in establishing financial stability in life by removing obstacles to a wider extent. Anyone who wants to get recovery from debt problems can choose this homam for ensuring peace of mind. Furthermore, it is possible to generate high revenues and profits in business with this homam by meeting essential requirements.

Significance of Lakshmi Kubera homam

  • Helps reduce the negative effects of planets in a horoscope which affect the career growth of a person.
  • Improved wealth prospects
  • Eliminating karmic problems to ensure progress levels in life.

Ideal days for conducting Lakshmi Kubera homam

Lakshmi Kubera homam can be performed on Fridays to get best results. It can also be done on full moon, Chaturthi, Chaturdasi, and Panchami Thithi days.

Drishti Durga Homam

Durga homam – Eliminating negative forces in life

Goddess Durga is the fierce form of Shakthi and said to be the complete incarnation of Parvathi who protects people from potential threats and risks. She also plays a main role in removing evil forces to establish peace in the universe. Durga is known for her fierce form and helps to eliminate negative force to live a trouble free life. Organizing Durga homam may lead to several benefits for a person by addressing exact needs.


Durga homam is a suitable for those who want to overcome physical and mental problems in an effective manner. It makes feasible ways for clearing obstacles to attain success in all endeavors. This homam provides methods for getting relief from ill effects and black magic problems to a larger extent. Anyone who wants to reduce karmic issues and doshas can choose this homam for getting better prospects.

Gho Pooja

Gho Pooja means worshipping Goddess Kamadhenu. Puranas say that Mother Kamadhenu (“Gho Matha”) emanated from the milky ocean while the Devas and Asuras were churning the ocean and she was taken into possession by Devas. As Kamadhenu fulfilled the wishes of all, the Devas flourished with her divine grace.

Once Kamadhenu left the Devas and reached the Ashram of Sage Vasishta. The Brahma Rishi started Kamadhenu Pooja (worshipping of the sacred cow). Legend goes that King Dileepa was blessed with a child with the divine grace of Kamadhenu and he performed Kamadhenu Pooja as per the instructions of the Brahma Rishi. It is said that Vasishtar was an inspiration for all to understand the importance of “Gho Pooja” and the benefits that could be accrued through this worship.

Performance of Homa for Goddess Lakshmi along with Gho Pooja is the most appropriate way of propitiating Goddess Lakshmi that too on a Friday that falls during the Tamil month of Thai (mid Jan to Mid Feb).

To perform this Gho Pooja and Lakshmi Homa on a Friday is more auspicious because Venus rules Friday and the Overlord of Venus is Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on a Friday also helps you in gaining the blessings of Venus who bestows you with pleasures and comforts in life.

The performance of Gho pooja along with Lakshmi Homa is significantly important as many benefits are accrued through this ritual. This ritual helps you in gaining the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping mother Kamadhenu helps in alleviating the sins committed by our Ancestors and also in wiping out the ancestral curse. Losses in business can be overcome by the performance of this worship. Debts can be easily resolved. Problems created by enemies would easily vanish.